Windy Bank

Let me digress…

There can be quite a gap between me doing the ride and doing the write up. So I use streetview on Google Maps to remind me of some of the details. So, I was using streetview to look at Holdsworth Road at the start of this ride when what should I see but a lorry belonging to The Pink Link/Palletways – one of my favourite companies.

Let me digress a bit further…

I’ve always been a bit of fan of the slogans that companies give themselves to persuade you that they’re more exciting than they really are. You know the sort of thing, Tesco has the slightly smug “Every little helps”, Coco-Cola has the authoritarian “It’s the real thing” and L’Oréal dserved a prize for the seductive “Because you’re worth it”.

Back when there was a company called Orange they declared “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange”. Then, when they realised that they weren’t going to be part of it, they back-pedalled a little and cut it down to “The future’s bright”. A moment filled with pathos.

But not all companies manage to have such successful slogans and it’s the crap ones that interest me the most. Step forward then The Pink Link/Palletways with your winning entry in Pete’s Crap Company Slogans 2014 with (breathless hush followed by quick drum roll) “A formidable combination in next day palletised distribution”.

I’m sorry. You didn’t want hear me rambling on, you wanted to know about Windy Bank.


You should know the score by now. You find the start, you follow the road, you climb the hill and you get to the top. I’ve written about 60 of these now, it’s getting late and, as you can tell, I’ve been at the sauce…


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