Birdcage Hill

This is a proper tooth-rattling climb up a beautifully cobbled road on the south side of Halifax. The crux of the climb is spent under the canopy of trees as you work your way up the escarpment of Skircoat Moor before hitting the backstreets of Halifax.

To find the start head west from the A58 Bolton Brow in Sowerby Bridge along the A6026 Wakefield Road. Pass the former Halifax Building Society, now Lloyds Bank, offices on your left, through a set of traffic lights and then look for the next turning on your left. Woodhouse Lane as it is at this point has a narrow entrance and is cobbled right to the junction.


The climb never gets that arduous, in truth it’s the surface more than the gradient that provides the sterner challenge, so maybe this should be a climb you do on Strava and see if you can set a fast time.

One warning though and that’s the traffic. Cobbled streets are often devoid of traffic but Woodhouse Lane is wider and smoother than most and provides a handy cut-through so you won’t have the road to yourself. The steepest section is on Birdcage Hill which starts once the cobbles finish. As you come out of the woods and into housing the road pretty much levels off. At some point it also becomes Birdcage Lane. There’s no obvious finishing post though so keep going until you hit the traffic lights on The Moor.


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