Take it from the Tip

Distance: 1447 metres, Ascent: 144 metres, route map

If your senses of smell doesn’t help you find the start point for this ride then just listen out for the broken bottle sounds of the urban recyclers. And just why aren’t they called recyclists?

In truth, the start of this route can be tricky to get to – the tip is on one of those urban backroads that you wouldn’t ordinarily go along but if you follow the signs to the recycling centre you won’t go far wrong. The climb itself heads up Fall Lane which goes straight up the hillside keeping the tip to its left.


And it certainly feels like it’s straight up as well – there isn’t a zig or a zag to soften the blow as you lever yourself over the railway and up towards the T-junction with Spark House Lane/London Road. Once you hit that junction the roughest section is passed and when you turn left into London Road it is almost flat.

Not for long though. As soon as you get round the corner things look up again so don’t back off yet. Keep your eye out for two junctions on the right. The first (Norland Town Road) goes back on itself and if you were to follow the road markings you would sweep round to your right and head up that way. Instead you should head straight on (which the road markings make into a left turn) ignoring the no through road sign as you do so.

After another 50 metres there’s a house at a fork in the road and you want the right fork (Moor End Lane). Inevitably this goes uphill. It’s also particularly narrow so there is the risk that the smooth running of your hillclimb will run into jeopardy if there’s a car coming the other way.

If you’re still going strong then hang in there because the finish is in sight. You can stop at the next junction which is a T-junction with Stormer Hill Lane, marked by a five bar gate opposite.

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