Danny Lane

Distance: 1699 metres, Ascent: 179 metres, route map

This route takes you from a particularly traffic-clogged stretch of the Calder Valley and climbs steeply up the hillside to high farmland where you’ll get some fantastic views of the upper Calder Valley. It is difficult to reconcile the sense of remoteness up here with the knowledge that the town of Halifax with its 80,000 inhabitants is on the other side of the hill, less than a mile away.

The start of this ride can be a little awkward to find. As you head towards Halifax on the A646 through Luddenden Foot there is a staggered crossroads with the first road leading left to the village of Luddenden and the second leading to the right over the river towards a small business park. Danny Lane is on your left, about 50 metres after this second turning, and the junction is a hairpin bend.

The ride and the climbing starts as soon as you leave the A646. As you pass through a new estate you gain height so quickly that you’ll soon leave the noise of traffic behind. You’re soon out of housing and into farmland with the road being a narrow country lane between stone walls. Less than 400 metres from the start, the road turns 90 degrees right and levels off a little. It’s a brief respite and is just enough for you to find the sharp turning on the left which takes you into Greystones Road.


This now takes you up the hillside just as steeply as Danny Lane. You’re quite high up by this stage and you can take your mind off the effort of pedalling by looking around you and drinking in the scenery. When the road turns round to the right after some buildings you’re nearly over the worst. You reach a T- junction where left is the obvious direction as it continues uphill.

This is now Butts Green Road followed by Butts Green Lane. Cycle to the crossroads here and stop. There’ll be a bus shelter in front of you and a formal gateway complete with turreted wall on your left.

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