Distance: 1090 metres, Ascent: 107 metres, route map

I’ve driven up and down this road many times on my way to and from Huddersfield but it was only when I got on my bike that I realised how hard it is. It’s not that it’s one of these ridiculously steep rides – although it isn’t exactly flat – it’s more that it goes on longer than I realised. In a car it’s nothing.


Route finding is fairly straightforward. Find Barkisland on a map and go down Stainland Road until you can descend no more and then turn round and climb back up. The start is near the entrance to the impressive Barkisland Mill in its delightful setting at the foot of a lovely wooded glen.


Start pedalling and you’ll enjoy the scenery as you emerge from woodland to a vista across open fields. Keep going and eventually you’ll reach the pretty village of Barkisland. Charge through waving regally at the cars which have waited for you where the road narrows and cruise past the newer houses with their trim hedges up to the crossroads where you’ll find the local post office.


One thought on “Barkisland

  1. Hi. Did this today. Seems Barkisland mill is in a dip so going either way from it is a grim climb. Feels a sense of achievement when you get to the top though.


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