Luddenden Foot to Sowerby

This route starts in a similar location to the “Luddenden Foot to Sykes Gate” ride. Find Boy Mill Road in Luddenden Foot which is across the river from the hurly burly of the A646 and head away from the village along the flat. Then take a little fork left which takes you into Ellen Holme Road. From here you can coast past the auction rooms to a railway bridge.


Go underneath the archway and the hard work starts. You have 1400 metres of roadway to gain 100 metres in height and it’s not an even climb. Your first bit of climbing will feel a little wasteful because as soon as you get to the top of the first ramp you find yourself going downhill again and it feels as far down as it was up.

There is a fork in the road near the bottom of the dip but it should be obvious that the left fork is the only option. You just need to power your way up Styes Lane, a picturesque country lane wedged between two stone walls.


Styes Lane ends at a T-junction but you don’t. Turn left and head along Pinfold Lane. This is easy enough to begin with but picks up as you contour around the hillside and heads up the hill towards Sowerby village.

The road and this route end at the next junction. You have a pub to your left and a church to your right; take your pick.

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