Carr Road

Distance: 1609 metres, Ascent: 149 metres, route map

This is a straightforward climb of about a mile. If you start and finish in the right places then it is exactly a mile as carefully measured for one of the many local running races organised by CannonBall Events. If you look carefully on the tarmac you may still find remnants of markings from when the event has been run.


The start is out from Todmorden on the A646 to Burnley just above the village of Cornholme. Carr Road is a minor road and easy to miss but once located the route is simple enough. Just head southwards from the junction and climb until you can climb no more. Then stop.

It’s a winding narrow country lane mostly between two walls until you get above farmland and onto the moors. I find this particular part of the South Pennines particularly bleak although that could have something to do with always seeing it when I’m in a state of near exhaustion.



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