Shoulder of Mutton to Hathershelf Lane

Start across the road from the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Mytholmroyd and head vaguely east along Scout Road. It’s all pretty flat to begin with but starts to climb as you pass the primary school.

In 2014 you couldn’t get much further before being stopped by a roadblock. Flooding has caused the road to subside rendering it unsafe for vehicles. Happily it’s still safe for cyclists and once you’ve negotiated the barrier you can have the next bit of road to yourself. This brings you up through the trees onto a road that contours above the valley bottom.

There’s another roadblock to signal the end of the road closure and shortly after this you’ll need to take the right turn into Hathershelf Lane. There’s a short cobbled stretch of road to rattle your fillings as you pass some old stone cottages and then the steep section kicks in. But it’s only 100 metres or so before you reach the junction at the top with Stake Lane and the end of the climb.

If you’ve no particular plan in mind then the little back lanes from here to the A58 are all worth an explore. If you’re on a mountain bike then there’s an abundance of bridleways to choose from too.

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