Stainland Moor

Distance: 2373 metres, Ascent: 179 metres, route map

This ride can take some tracking down and that is part of the pleasure. It’s a worthwhile exercise though because there are two rides to be enjoyed from the same starting point.

From Stainland village centre you need to find the side road of Coldwells Hill and follow the roadway down. It’s more straightforward on the ground than it appears on the map as the road markings naturally lead you down Stainland Dean to the valley bottom near Black Brook and Firth House Wood. There’s an old mill, some attractive housing to either side and a tall chimney here and the start of a cobbled track back up the other side of the valley ahead of you.


No time for that right now as Stainland Moor is waiting. Turn round and grind your way back up to the first junction and take the second of the two turnings on your right. This is Forest Hill Road and obviously it’s the tougher of those two options. You’re welcome.
But, this isn’t Luddenden Dean so you won’t struggle for long and things get easy once the road starts to curve up and across the hillside.


There are some very minor roads off to the left and right but ignore them and carry straight on until you reach the Give Way sign at a crossroads. This is at the junction with Marsden Gate where you turn right and head up the hill. It’s always uphill, have you ever noticed that?


It’s a long but not severe pull up the hill which levels off towards the top. Now it’s just a question of deciding on the best place to call things to a halt which on my website is the communications mast and outbuilding on the right-hand side of the road. Pull up alongside here, eat your energy bar and ponder where you might find shelter from the rain.


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