Rochdale Road

This is a steady pull of around 5 kilometres from Stainland up onto a well-cultivated hilltop plateau. It is not a demanding climb and is included because of its connection with the 2014 Tour de France.

However, those cosseted professionals had it much easier than you as they came down this hill whereas you’ll need to go up it. But I’m sure you’re game for the challenge.


The starting point is the traffic lights where the B6112 Stainland Road meets the B6113 Rochdale Road and the climbing starts immediately. Relax though because this is one of those hills where you can get into a steady rhythm and take in your scenery as you gradually gain altitude. You won’t be standing on the pedals with veins sticking out on your forehead but cruising along listening to the hum of your tyres. There’s no navigation needed, the only hard part is deciding where to call a halt. You could stop anywhere after about 3.5 km and that would do but if you press on for another 1.5 km you will reach the highest point which comes just before the road plunges down Ripponden Bank.

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