Jagger Green Lane

Distance: 2089 metres, Ascent: 154 metres, route map

This ride deserves some kind of hidden gem award. I only discovered it by scouring the Ordnance Survey map for little back roads crossing crowded contour lines although I do appreciate that others may think “Jagger Green Lane? Everyone knows about that.”
It’s a proper zig-zag of a route with 90 degree turns all over the place but despite that it’s not difficult to find your way. Just keep going uphill.
There was one place where I couldn’t see where the road was going to go until at the last minute a sharp left-hander revealed itself after a building. Ride the route and you’ll see what I mean.


The start is a little tricky to find. From the B6112 Stainland Road turn into Station Road and freewheel down to the bottom of the slope where Jagger Green Lane is on your right with a bus stop at the end of it.


The route is narrow and much of it is appealingly enclosed between well-maintained walls and attractive stone buildings. Once you’re clear of the houses it’s pleasantly rural and you just need to make sure that you don’t accidentally turn off the route.

It’s a little bizarre as you get to the top of the climb because where you might expect to find bleak moorland you instead discover a motorway and the outskirts of Huddersfield. You come to a halt at a junction with the A640 and, as you’re now in Kirklees, your safest option will be to turn round and fly back down the hill with wind in your hair.


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