Brookfoot to Southowram

Distance: 2771 metres, Ascent: 172 metres, route map

Check closely on your map and you’ll see that just before Brookfoot Lane joins Elland Road (A6025) it splits in two giving us two possible starting points for this ride. The one I’ve chosen is the more north-easterly of the two. Or, if you prefer, the one nearest Brighouse. Why? Because that route is marginally steeper. Masochism always prevails.


If you approach the start from the Brighouse end it looks quite daunting but appearances can be deceptive – it’s nothing you can’t manage. Power your way over the first hurdle, round the corner to the right and you are faced with a long straight ramp of consistent incline. Just get yourself into the right gear and spin those legs.


When you reach the top you’ll find that it isn’t really the top at all but things are a lot flatter round here. Time to drop a few gears and get a shift on. Much of the route is more suburban than rural but it’s a pleasant enough without being what you might call scenic. It’s only on the final stretch into Southowram that you hit any urb but a post office, a pub and a curry house hardly add up to a metropolis. When you pass the Shoulder of Mutton you’re almost there. Go round the corner to the left and pull up opposite the post office, job done.


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