Shibden Wall

Distance: 919 metres, Ascent: 124 metres, route map


Steep. Steep steep steep steep steep. One of the difficulties in writing this blog has been in finding 50 different ways of describing the same sort of thing. The ride starts here and it ends there and in between it’s steep. Sometimes its very steep and sometimes it’s only moderately steep but whatever the gradient I always find myself struggling to find a new way of describing its steepness.

My stepson Chico came up with the word “stepth”. In the way that deep has “depth”, he thought that steep would have “stepth”. Maketh a lot of thenthe – he’th a thmart thtepthon.


Anyway. On the international scale of cycle climbs Shibden Wall gets classified as “very steep”. It’s a great climb, starting in the pretty valley of Shibden Dale and wiggling and writhing its way up the hillside with a twisting cobbled route that takes you past some old houses before topping out with a panoramic view over Halifax.


The sign at the bottom lets you know what you’re in for. 1 in 4 is tough going and the rough cobbles make it even tougher.


Fortunately it’s a quiet route and cars generally go quite cautiously along it so you should be able to zig-zag a little where you need it most. You will need to keep your eyes open though as the gaps between some of the cobbles can be quite generous.


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