Halifax Lane

Distance: 1665 metres, Ascent: 189 metres, route map

Halifax Lane is one of two rides in the 50 which is included in 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs by Simon Warren – the other being Shibden Wall. There are also two rides in the 50 which feature in the follow-up book Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs and they are Cragg Vale and the epic Mytholm Steeps. Halifax Lane is probably the least known of that selection but it’s a great climb with several tough sections.


The start is near the middle of the pretty village of Luddenden where Halifax Lane leaves High Street next to a red phone booth. It’s a tough climb right from the off with one of the steepest sections being before you’ve left the village. The road weaves its way up the hillside, a narrow strip of tarmac between stone walls.

Look out for Birch Lane on your left as you want this turning. The wall on your left drops away as you carry along here and you may want to slow down and pretend to admire the view while your pulse rate recovers. Then, as David Cameron might say, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get on with the job of pedalling up a hill. There’s a fork in the road ahead where any shirkers may wish to take the soft option on the left (Buttress Lane).

But you’re a striver, so you’d better stick to the right (Raw End Road). In distance this is only about half way but in effort you’ve done the hard bit and the rest of Raw End Road is a question of hunting down that elusive junction where the ride ends.

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